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 Know Your Instructor

Afzal Husain is a Tally Prime software educator. He operates a highly regarded YouTube channel named "Happy Learny," boasting an impressive subscriber count of 754K+ and an extensive library of over 250 videos.

His content, focusing on Tally Prime tips, tricks, and courses, has gained recognition and has been featured on Tally Solutions' official website, and Invited by the Tally Solutions to Visit there Headquarter Located at Bangalore.

Afzal's expertise extends beyond YouTube, as he has been invited to share his knowledge at various conferences and Webinars, showcasing his commitment to empowering individuals in the field of Tally Prime.

Meet Your Destiny

If your passion lies in Tally and accounting, seize the opportunity to enroll in all our courses now. Transform your passion into a potential career as an accountant, enabling you to work from the comfort of your home and earn a steady income. Our comprehensive courses cover everything from the basics to hands-on practical experience in Tally, ensuring you are well-equipped for success in the field. Join us on this learning journey and pave the way for  a rewarding future in accounting.

Discover the finest Tally Prime courses right here! Trust us, whether you're a Tally Prime novice or starting from ground zero, our courses are meticulously designed to elevate you from the basics to legendary proficiency. Take the first step towards Tally Prime mastery by enrolling in our course today. Your journey to becoming a Tally Prime legend begins now!

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Course Content

  • Basic of Accounting

  • Accounts with Inventory

  • GST & ITR

  • TDS & TCS

  • E-Way Bill

  • E-Invoice

  • Assembling Process

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Composition Accounting

  • Service Entries

  • GST Reconciliation

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Account Finalization

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit & Loss

Who can Join


Computer Operators

Junior Accountant

Job Seeker

Business Owner


Problem You Face

Wrong Teaching Methods
In certain institutes, teachers often Start with advanced topics instead of basic concepts, making it challenging for beginners to Understand Class Easily.

Improper Support
Students often Don’t Get Support and Proper Solution of a query they raised During classes. it’s also create a problem to easily understand the Topic.

Believing in Myths
Some Students Always Believe in Myths that Accounting concept is not easy to understand Specially for Non Commerce student. But this is nothing than a Myths

Improper Notes
Improper notes become a problem for students, as they receive material that is not Relevant to Real life Accounting and poses a challenge during the learning process.

Irregular Practice
Students often Irregular Practice
Practice himself. What they are learning in the class so They forget all the concepts they had learn from their teachers

Absence From Class
Many students often miss physical classes due to various reasons such as illness or family functions. However, these absences can impacting the overall understanding of the course material.

Solution We Have

Step By Step Learning
In our class, you'll Learn step-by-step journey From Basic to advance. This method has proven to be highly effective to understand class easily

Proper Support
We offer dedicated support through WhatsApp and our chat community to assist you in comprehending any unclear chapters with ease.

Building Confidence
As you begin your learning journey with our course, you'll gain confidence and realize that accounting is not as challenging as it may seem; it is, in fact, easy to understand

Practical Notes
You will receive practical notes grounded in real-life accounting scenarios, such as purchase invoices and sales books, to enhance your understanding of the subject.

Practice make man Perfect
In addition to covering all the necessary topics, Very important to practice on your part. Always keep in mind that consistent practice is the key to perfection.

Learn Anytime Anywhere
We provide a convenient solution – simply log in to our website and resume your learning from where you left off, whenever and wherever you prefer.

Benefit You Will Receive

Capable to work as a part-time accountant
Capable to Handle own Business Accounting
Earning up to 50K+ per month, or as much as you desire.
Enjoy being your own boss with no fixed duty timings.
hassle-free work from home or your comfort zone
Earn Money as well as Name & Fame at your town


Practice Notes

You will get practice notes for chapter required practice so that you can easily understand the chapter

Sample Invoices & Data

You will be shown sample invoices of transaction so that you can more easily understand about the chapter

Community & Networking

You can communicate with others students if you have any doubts and query. student can help each other by answering.

Chat Support

You will be provided chat support for course you have already enrolled.

Quizzes & Assignments

You can simply join the quizzes and assignment between the course so you can see you growth and result of course you are learning.

Get certified

You will get a Certificate after course completion so that you can use it for Jobs

Lifetime Access

Once you purchase a course you will get lifetime access to that particular course

Get Qualified for Jobs

If you complete all our Tally prime courses than you can easily qualify for any part time or full time accounting jobs

Call Support soon

we will provide call support soon to Students so that they can directly call to our team for any doubts and query


Trusted YouTube Channel

I proudly manage the thriving YouTube Channel "Happy Learny," focusing on Tally and accounting-related topics since 2018. With a commitment to delivering valuable content, we've garnered an impressive community of over 750K+ subscribers and It is continue Growing

Experienced Teacher

With hands-on accounting experience using Tally since 2016, coupled with a solid two years of teaching expertise, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the Tally. In addition, our proficiency in various other computer skills further enhances our ability to deliver effective teaching sessions.

Practical Notes & Sample Data

We present real bills and vouchers to our students, offering a tangible and practical understanding of the documents associated with Tally and accounting. Additionally, we provide comprehensive notes to facilitate practice, ensuring a thorough grasp of the subject matter.

Unique Way Teaching

We initiate our Tally Prime teachings in a distinctive manner, designed to make the learning process accessible for new and beginner students. To witness our unique approach, feel free to explore our demo course, providing a glimpse into our effective and student-friendly teaching style.

Our Achievments

#01 YouTube Silver Play Button

#02 Meet with Unacademy CEO Roman Saini

#03 Visit Tally Headquarter Bangaluru

#04 Featuring on Tallysolutions Official Website

Bonus You Will Receive

A Message From Afzal

Hello! I'm Afzal Husain, an experienced Accountant with a track record since 2016, specializing in Tally. Over the years, my journey has been filled with valuable insights and expertise in Tally operations. Today, I want to share my successful strategy with you, illustrating how you can transform yourself into a professional accountant, capable of earning a substantial monthly income while working from the comfort of your home on a part-time basis.

Currently, I manage accounts for over 35 firms and companies in my local town, achieving financial success through remote work. You too can embark on a similar path. The key is to master Tally Prime comprehensively, from its fundamentals to advanced features. I'll guide you on how to kickstart your journey as a part-time accountant in your local town or village.

All you need to do is enroll in our Tally Prime Premium course, and I'll personally guide you from the very basics to advanced techniques. Throughout the course, I'll provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to secure your first part-time accounting job, enabling you to start making money from the convenience of your home.

Don't overthink it – take the decisive step now and join the course. This is your pathway to becoming a successful accountant, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey together, turning your aspirations into a reality. Join the course today and unlock the doors to a rewarding career in accounting.

About Our Classes

We deliver top-notch classes with exceptional audio and video quality, presenting content in a straightforward and easy-to-understand Hinglish language. Our class presentations are uniquely simple, ensuring that every student comprehends the material effortlessly. No extra effort is required to understand the chapters seamlessly in one go.

Classes By - Afzal Husain

What Students Says About Us

"It is never an easy task t make people understand the difficult concept virtually. Let me take this moment to appreciate your effort to create this course"

— Avi Kumbhar

"As a CA Student I feel Soo Easy to learn Tally with you sir u describe each and every topic so that non-commerce background student can also learn thank you sir 

— Vishal Keshari

The efforts made in editing the video and collecting the content is unmeasurable. also the hard work by the professor is worth appreciating.

— Abhi

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3rd Floor SP Complex, Opposite TVS Agency, Delhi Gate, Nagaur (341001)
WhatsApp: (+91) 9649812524

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