Tally Prime Champion

Master Tally Prime and elevate your accounting skills!

Staring Date - 25 Mar 2024

Instructor: Afzal HusainLanguage: Hindi

About the course

🚀 Unleash Your Tally Prime Expertise - Dive into the Tally Prime Champion Course!

Ready to elevate your Tally skills to expert level? Join me in this comprehensive course tailored to enhance your accounting and financial prowess using the latest Tally software. 📈💻

Course Highlights:

  • 🌐 Master Tally Prime accounting software like a pro.
  • 💹 Boost your financial management skills for efficient control.
  • 📊 Learn advanced inventory management techniques.
  • 📈 Generate insightful reports for informed decision-making.
  • 🚀 Streamline business operations effectively with Tally Prime.

What You Will Master:

  1. 💼 Accounting Groups Mastery:

    • Gain in-depth knowledge of Tally's accounting groups concept.
  2. 📚 Ledger Creation Excellence:

    • Create ledgers with precision using every accounting group.
  3. 📝 Advanced Accounting Entries:

    • Dive into practical accounting entries across various groups.
  4. 🔀 Debit and Credit Techniques:

    • Master the art of debiting and crediting ledgers effectively.
  5. 📒 Journal Entry Expertise:

    • Learn the nuances of passing journal entries in Tally Prime.

Featured Accounting Groups:

  1. 🔒 Secured Loan
  2. 🔄 Unsecured Loan
  3. 🏠 Fixed Assets
  4. 🔄 Current Assets
  5. 📋 Duties and Taxes
  6. 📅 Provisions
  7. 🔄 Others

📈 Elevate your Tally game - Enroll in the Tally Prime Champion Course now! 🚀 #TallyPrime #ExpertLevel #AccountingMastery


Meet Your Instructor

Hi ! My Name is Afzal Husain and I am working as an Accountant Since 2016 in Tally & in this working Period I have gain lot of knowledge about Tally .Here I am sharing my strategy with you that how can you see yourself as a professional accountant and Can earn a good monthly earning by working from home as a part time accountant.

What do we offer

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Quizzes & Assignments

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Get certified

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